Burnt Candy – Benefit for Lemon Lane Survivors

When fire ravaged Lemon Lane sutudios in March of this year artists, musicians …friends were left a lot worse off – one to two with nothing but but the clothes on their backs. This is a benefit nite as gesture of solidarity to help them drown their sorrows in some cheap booze and banging music and maybe even raise a bit of cash so they can buy drugs for when the booze wares off (or maybe some new clothes/art materials/instruments if they’re feeling really sensible).

IN room one:  As part of their UK tour from Dublin we bring you the reconstituted rock ‘n’ roll riffs and raging B-movie homages of Dangerfields. From the other capital of Britain (Totnes) we bring you 3 piece ska-tinged dissent loving rock machine The Directors. And from our very own love nest of Bristol we are proud to present instantly arresting, delirious, kinetic,  eight-headed Slavic mash-up crew that is Fuzia!

Room two/ the bar area will rumble with exclusive DJ sets from Dr Meaker, Revolva –  (Ghettozoid and Buf on one4ho) and the Brsitol legend in his own time MCWogan (the Rusty Garden).


Mo Fya!! (…well maybe less would be better)

~ by kebelesound on April 30, 2010.

One Response to “Burnt Candy – Benefit for Lemon Lane Survivors”

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