Calling 1 & ALL!

Feelin the double-dip  recession yet? Want to sack your boss? Pie your MP? Fed up with the growing gap between rich and poor as the world burns? …or just want to get your hands on some up-to-date radical publishing, zines, a new patch for your black train-driver cap or hear some fresh perspectives?  …Anarchism doesn’t claim to have all the answers but it’s certainly got some tools for how we might start to address these problems together…

Bristol Anarchist Bookfair: Stalls, workshops, conversations, food, creche, music, films, info and ideas for action: Saturday 11/09/10 10.30am – 6pm @ Hamilton House, Stokes Croft, Bristol.

And best of all KebeleSound are doing the afterparty – Featuring:

COP ON FIRE – Proper rolling Ska (Belgium)

DONDERHOND – Stompin Gypsy Punk-Folk (Belgium)

THE DAGGER BROTHERS – Live 80’s Dance (yeah really…)

DJ KRACKPOTKIN – Ghetto-Bass/Jungle/GLitch

@ Classics, 35 Stokes Croft. SAT 11th Sept, Doors: 8pm, Tax: £5 – all proceeds to the Bookfair.

~ by kebelesound on September 3, 2010.

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