Solidarity Knows No Borders

To kick off February with a blast we’ve linked up with Bristol Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) to raise funds for the Thessaloniki Four and Bristol Direct Action Bust Fund.

(See below for more info on the Thessaloniki Four)

Bristol Anarchist Black Cross Poster


The Line-up (in case the image dont work):

Generic Eric
– Avin’it Ska-Punk from the Midlands – We saw this lot at the New Year Party we did with Shuddervision up in Hereford and they fuckin smacked it – well lookin foreward to seein em in Brizzle.

Rapscallion Sound
– Skankin Conscious Ska/Reggae from Bath – From so close yet rarely seen round Bristol ways – check em out on myspace!

Clayton Blizzard
– Bristol’s much loved one man folk-hop insurgency – need we say anymore? – and he’s got new material out!

Plus Kebele sound crew DJs, Miss Fit, Krackpotkin and Peverly Knight carressing your ear lobes with their characteristic mashup of ragga, dancehall, dubstep, glitch-bass & Jungle. Get involved!


Info on the Thessaloniki Four:

Over a hundred people were arrested after a demonstration confronting the European Union summit, held in Thessaloniki in Greece back in 2003. Seven people were imprisoned and held on remand, including UK protester Simon Chapman. The prisoners began a hunger strike that lasted more than 50 days.

A massive worldwide solidarity campaign followed including demonstrations, direct action and occupations leading to all seven being released on bail. All the charges were eventually dropped.

Years later after appeals from the Prosecutor the charges were reinstated. The first case finally came before the Courts in January 2008 where Simon Chapman and three of the other defendants – Suleiman “Kastro” Dakdouk (Syrian origin), Fernando Perez Gorraiz (Spain) and Michaelis Triakapis (Greece) – were found guilty.

All of those accused maintain their innocence and video and photographic evidence clearly shows police planting a rucksack filled with petrol bombs next to Simon see the photo.

This didn’t stop him receiving a prison sentences of more than eight years, with the other defendants all receiving over five years.

They will now face the Appeal Court again in January 2011, when they have the opportunity to appeal against their convictions. This means we have less than two months to build a campaign, raise vital funds and show true global solidarity to the defendants.

Please link to the campaign’s website on your web sites, forums, blogs, facebook profiles etc, tell friends and family and help to spread the word. Join and share the facebook page or join and share the facebook group.

Solidarity with the Thessaloniki 4!


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