Pub Squat Party

So we were sittin round racking our brains for nice medium sized venue to do a benefit for the Factory Social Centre when we realised we better make one:

Bristol Pubsquat Flyer

Featuring, Bands from 8pm – 2am:

Primeval Soup [Avin’it punk-ska from Brighton]

Clayton Blizzard [Bristol’s one-man folk-hop insurgency]

Douglas James [Shipwreked Sea Shanties]

Slagerij [Swindon’s finest 3-piece stompin ska-punk band]

Anarcho Folko [Do we really have to spell it out for ya?]

And then from 2am til 8am: Kebele Sound Crew DJs: MissFit, Blackrainbow, Drugray, Vagabond, Peverly Knight, Krackpotkin, Chef & Trozminster with the trusted mashup of ragga-junglistic, dubsteppin’, cumbia-shakin’, gutterbreakin’ bass heavy delights you know you love…

Miss out and cry.

~ by kebelesound on February 7, 2011.

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