15/08/09 KebeleSound Summer Freeparty [vid]

Fancy a dance [this number is no longer active]

note: this number is no longer active

Bristol party scene dead & buried? – not likely. The idea, as always with KS events was to things slightly differently …bands at an outdoor freeparty? – this aint the early nineties mate – whos gonna agree to that?   …well, trusted legends Kilnaboy, Spanner, Clayton Blizzard, Ratface and Drunk Granny thats who. and it was absolutely banging. big shout out to DJs MissFitt & Drugray for their junglistic flavours rounding off the line-up. Despite the paranoia, no gear was seized by the cops, it diddnt rain, and it went on till mid-day! – throw some friendly vibes, free tea and some performance poetry in to the mix and you might wonder could this have really happend??? – check the vid for proof


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